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Clients praise our consultation services, turnaround time, flexibility, and pricing structure. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied. But don’t take our word for it! Read what others are saying.


The team at TransPharm has been great to work with and they have greatly extended our discovery capabilities. They have been able to provide experienced advice and significant flexibility to help ensure our studies answered the questions we wanted to ask. TransPharm was able to help us manage our animal model needs in a cost-effective way. D.C.

It was a real pleasure to meet you and all the personnel working for TransPharm. I was really impressed with the standards that you follow in regards to animal welfare and with the level of expertise that you work. The facilities were very clean and very well-organized. I thank you for the time spent in answering all my questions and for facilitating my access to your documentation. Hope we will be working with you soon. M.

TransPharm gives great dollar value, attention to detail, careful reporting, and a bonus of insight of interpretation and future direction for my studies. Great people to work with. Very timely in communication. Sure benefited my project. L.L.J.

Dan is a highly motivated entrepreneur and innovative research scientist. He has created a vibrant, successful company in a short amount of time by combining hard work and self-sacrifice. Dan’s focus on quality has produced a top-notch research facility, a talented workforce, and an excellent service. I strongly recommend Dan Ross and TransPharm Preclinical Solutions as a vendor or partner. J.M.

We have been working with TransPharm Preclinical Solutions since early fall of 2008. They are conducting in vivo studies of our anti-infective therapy. Their insight has been indispensable to us since this is a new focus for our therapies which are usually against cancer. They have been extremely helpful in designing studies and helping to further our understanding of our molecule’s activity within a mouse model. Our studies are always run without delay and the results are clearly communicated soon after each study completion. We will continue to work with and highly recommend TransPharm Preclinical Solutions. B.D.

We were very pleased with the professionalism, quality, and value of the work we did with TransPharm Preclinical Solutions. Dan and his team knew exactly what we were looking for, and the program was completed flawlessly and on time. We look forward to working with them again in the future. C.P. 

Dan provided great service for our company and was always ready to go the extra mile. C.L.

TransPharm Preclinical Solutions was recommended to me as one of the best companies specializing in in vivo testing and model design for antibiotics. The company was started by some of Pfizer’s best antibacterial model designers and they have a vast knowledge of what is required to take a drug from the activity in vitro (a test tube) to activity in vivo (an animal). These are essential studies that are required to be performed to show efficacy before a drug can gain approval by the Food and Drug Administration. These highly sophisticated tests require being designed so that they most closely resemble the disease pattern seen in humans. This level of scientific expertise is not commonly found in other Contract Research Organizations and their services are clearly unique and would be rarely duplicated elsewhere. Their services are of value not only to academic scientists like myself, but also to small biotechnology and large pharmaceutical companies who are required to outsource specialty studies such as this to experts. The current public health crisis associated with antibiotic-resistant pathogens has resulted in a resurgence of antibiotic discovery and development and thus the services provided by TransPharm will be in great demand as drug candidates have to be tested for efficacy. I intend to have TransPharm perform various infection models to test the efficacy of our antibacterial drug candidates. H.A.P.

Dan is an outstanding in vivo antibacterial pharmacologist with significant experience in developing and implementing bacterial disease models. In addition, Dan is proficient in veterinary surgery as well as in designing and performing PK/PD and efficacy studies for antibacterials. His technical expertise and attention to detail ensure quality and reliable results. K.M. 

Dan will be a key member of any team. He has a keen focus for in vivo work details and is extremely knowledgeable, hard-working, and open to discussion. Personally, he is an engaging, enthusiastic individual who I would count on to do whatever necessary to advance a program. He was always one of my favorite people to work with on our team. R.C.

Dan is a good professional with great knowledge. We like to work with you; we need to identify the model that is the best for this class of compound. At this point, we are relying on a lung infection model for screening compounds. The key area for which we would like to develop our compounds is pneumonia caused by MRSA. As it turns out, the PK profiles that are the best for thigh infection may not be the best for lung infection. J.S.

[Company in Toulouse, France] is a French start-up drug discovery company that aims to be a leader in the field of innovative antibacterial therapeutics within 5 years. [Company in Toulouse, France] is currently outsourcing part of its in vivo efficacy studies to TransPharm Preclinical Solutions. Our expectations have been met so far and this excellent and experienced ex-Pfizer team is already a privileged partner for [Company in Toulouse, France]. We believe that the very encouraging results that we are obtaining through our interaction with TransPharm will set the foundations for a long and fruitful collaboration. M.L.

[Company in Kansas City, USA] is a well-capitalized, for-profit translational research organization with a mission to improve patient health. We have recently initiated a project aimed at finding new treatments for Chagas disease, a devastating condition endemic to Latin America. TransPharm is currently providing important drug discovery services to [Company in Kansas City, USA] in the Chagas disease area. To our knowledge TransPharm is the only contract research group in the country with the capabilities and expertise to perform the work that we have commissioned. Currently we are considering additional projects with TransPharm, which will take advantage of their unique service offerings in the infectious disease/drug discovery space. TransPharm’s continued involvement in our Chagas disease project is absolutely essential to our success in the area. R.H.


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