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State-of-the-art Laboratory and Vivarium

TransPharm Preclinical Solutions is an AAALAC-accredited facility located on a scenic, 15-acre setting in Jackson, Michigan. The company is housed in an interconnected 8,300 sq. ft. complex, including a 3,100 sq. ft. vivarium, a 230 sq. ft. surgical suite, and a 512 sq. ft. procedure/teaching area. The administrative area includes 1,220 sq. ft. of office space complete with a video-link conference room.

The vivarium is separated into three distinct areas: one for acute studies, one for C. difficile work, and the other for housing germ-free mice. We use cutting-edge, cleanroom technology for animal housing. Our eight bioBubble® enclosures allow for compartmentalization and contain infectious disease projects to avoid cross-contamination between experiments. Animals used for acute and C. difficile studies are located in negative pressure bioBubbles® (red), while blue bioBubbles® operate under positive pressure for naive animals and germ-free work. Our facility is designed to handle all BSL-2 applications.

negative and positive pressure biobubble

General laboratory work is conducted in a 1,700 sq. ft. wet lab area equipped for all microbiological procedures and analyses. This work area includes biological containment hoods, sterile workstations, chemical use hoods, and general lab benches. The entire facility is backed up by a 90,000 watt generator to avoid catastrophic data loss.

transpharm bsl2 laboratory


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