Jackson is our Valentine

Jackson is our Valentine

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February 14th is all about love and we sure do love our town of Jackson, Michigan. In fact, on this day 126 years ago, Jackson officially became a city. And did you know that the rose is the official flower of Jackson, which is also known as the Rose City? How fitting! So happy Valentine’s Day and happy birthday, Jackson. TransPharm Preclinical Solutions is proud to call you home.

Although TransPharm is the only life science company in Jackson County, our location is centrally positioned between several research powerhouses in the Mitten. With Michigan State University to the north, as well as the biotechnology hub of Ann Arbor and University of Michigan to the east, collaboration is easy because we are just minutes away from other experts in our field.

When the TransPharm team wants to celebrate our accomplishments, we have so many great options in Jackson to choose from. Last year, we practiced our teamwork skills at epIQ Escapes. All ten of our employees put their minds together and were able to unlock the door of the crime scene-themed room with just minutes to spare. We also love all of the tasty places to eat in town, but Klavon’s has quickly become a crowd favorite. We hosted a party in their private room when we reached $2 million dollars in revenue. Then, our owner & CEO gave us all Klavon’s gift cards for Christmas. There’s no doubt about it; that restaurant definitely has a “pizza” our heart!

Another of our favorite places around here is the library. TransPharm recently brought our online marketing efforts in-house, and the Jackson District Library had so many resources to help us learn more about effective marketing strategies. From books on search engine optimization to online articles about the latest social media sites, the library had just what we needed to get started on the right foot.

It can be hard to imagine with all of the snow currently on the ground, but summer in Jackson is absolutely beautiful. TransPharm’s facility is located on M-50, and we love watching every August as nearly 40 semi-trucks haul racecars into Brooklyn for the big NASCAR Cup at Michigan International Speedway. They may not go 220 mph, but hearing their air horns sure gets us excited for the upcoming event!

TransPharm loves Jackson so much that we even became Jackson Certified! We enjoyed learning more about our community during a fun trivia game. We even earned super cool swag to represent Jackson when we are out and about around the state. Our Jackson Certified badge is proudly displayed on our website for all to see.

We could go on forever about what makes Jackson our favorite, but we have to get back into the lab to study infectious diseases. Someone has to kill all of those cooties! We are so glad we were able to share our love for the Rose City with you this Valentine’s Day.


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