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Detroit may be known as the Motor City due to the Big Three car manufacturers that call it home, but the automotive industry isn’t the only one booming in Michigan. The life sciences have seen significant growth in recent years and the field has become one of the state’s largest employers.

Michigan isn’t new to the life sciences. Some of the first pharmaceuticals in the US were manufactured in the Mitten State, and clinical trials of the polio vaccine were performed at the University of Michigan in the 1950s. After acquiring Parke-Davis in 2000, Pfizer opened its primary research and development campus in Ann Arbor. And even after the location closed in 2008, many employees stayed in the state to launch their own life science startups – including Dan Ross, who founded TransPharm Preclinical Solutions.

Michigan’s strong higher-educational system is another factor keeping the life sciences industry active in the Great Lakes region. Engineering and medical programs at local colleges and universities consistently rank among the best in the nation. These graduates go on to become ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for commercialization, and many choose to base their new companies in cities like Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Plymouth.

Startups require support and resources and, in addition to venture capitalists, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) meets those needs. The MEDC provides investment experts who guide business owners throughout the process, helping them get their products and services to market while creating jobs and ultimately, reaching their goal of making strides toward improving human health.

Learn more about TransPharm Preclinical Solutions here.

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