IACUC Approves Intratracheal Administration

IACUC Approves Intratracheal Administration

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TransPharm’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) recently approved intratracheal (IT) administration as a new route of inoculating and dosing mice. Intratracheal administration delivers infections and compounds directly to the lungs, while intranasal (IN) administration serves as an indirect delivery method via inhalation.

To perform intratracheal administration of a challenge, test article, or comparator drug, mice are anesthetized and forceps are used to gently retract the tongue. Then, bacteria or compound are delivered into the trachea using an illuminated catheter. The figure below illustrates this technique and the correct position of the catheter.

intratracheal dosing

Contact us today for more information about intratracheal administration and pulmonary infection models, or to request a no-obligation quote for a preclinical study.


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