A Note from the President

At last, I’ve found a few moments to reconnect with our distribution list which is growing every month. TransPharm finished very strong in 2013, with our second best year on record. We’ve also picked up some new clients in the last few months and would like to welcome them to the TransPharm family. I’m also proud to say that we have continued to work with a few clients that have been with us since we opened.

As the saying goes, “Working with us is CONTAGIOUS“…….

Quickly, I would like to address a question a few of you have had about another large project in the works and how it relates to TransPharm and my goals going forward.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase a piece of history here in the Irish Hills area where I live. The facility is an original Henry Ford Village Industries site built in the late 1930s. The plot of land it sits on was the first parcel of land deeded in Brooklyn back in 1832.

The plan for this facility is to turn it into an Irish themed destination called the Old Irish Mill. It will include a restaurant, pub, café, park, and Michigan’s largest indoor farmer market. We are very excited about this venture and know it will become one of the favorite tourist stops in the area.

So what will happen to TransPharm? Am I leaving? Who is going to run the show?

Rest assured, nothing will be changing around here anytime soon. My role in this new venture is simply the “idea and finance guy.” I’m currently involved with a lot of the interior demolition and spearheading the general contracting, but that is to get things going in the right direction. I don’t plan to have an active role in the new organizational chart once the facility is up and running. I will likely pass along the progress of this project as it moves forward.

Daniel Ross
President and CEO

TransPharm named Business of the Year

Annette Dupuie, left, presented Dan and Samantha Ross with a plaque naming their company, TransPharm Preclinical Solutions, as the Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year for 2014.

Annette Dupuie, left, presented Dan and Samantha Ross with a plaque naming their company, TransPharm Preclinical Solutions, as the Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year for 2014.

Dan Ross, owner of TransPharm Preclinical Solutions in Napoleon, was surprised when he learned his company was being named Business of the Year by the Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce.

“It is not often that I am speechless,” said Ross. “I really had no idea.”

This year’s Business of the Year opened its doors in January of 2008; they joined the chamber right away. Recently stating that being part of our chamber is like one big family, these owners are adamant about supporting chamber members businesses’ and organizations. They have received many awards and certificates nationally, ranking in the top 2% of all globally accredited facilities. They have even made it on National news, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. In 2011, this business was named one of the “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” I have even heard them say they have an open door policy, meaning that ANYONE can schedule a tour to walk through their facility.

Their level of commitment to this community and our Chamber is valued, seeing as most of their business attracts customers from across the United States and even internationally. They have been major sponsors of many of the Chamber fundraisers including the Legacy Sponsor for the last 3 years at the All Sports Spectacular. Other community events they are involved in are the Oh These Irish Hills ‘Row, Row, Row your cardboard boat,’ driving a car for the ‘Distinguished Young Women’ in the Christmas Parade, The Great American Crab Races at The Beach Bar, they even sponsored a little league softball team called the ‘Cootie Killers.’

Their vision of the Old Irish Mill, the former Ford Motor Co. plant in Brooklyn, is inspiring to see what this team has to bring to our community.

Because working with them IS contagious… please join me in congratulating TransPharm Preclinical Solutions, this year’s Business of the Year.

New C. difficile Offerings

Over the past several quarters, the TransPharm team has been busy performing numerous C. difficile studies and looking for ways to best serve our clients’ needs. As a result, we’ve added two new offerings to complement our robust model of C. difficile infection. These new features are Toxin A/B detection and recurrence studies.

The commercially available R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN® kit can be used to detect the presence of C. difficile Toxin A/B in stool samples. This is a great data set for our clients to complement the clinical scoring and weight loss observations.

We have also validated a longer version of our current C. difficile infection model to capture the recurrence event seen in the clinical setting. With mice receiving a C. difficile challenge on Day 0 and vancomycin QD from Days 0-4, we see recurrence on Day 8 as indicated by mortality and significant weight loss.

We feel these two new, clinically-relevant features will be advantageous to our clients who currently work in the C. difficile therapy development field. Please contact us for more information.

Dr. Santiago R. Lopez
Director of Research

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