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Why are your prices so low?

Although TransPharm has a global reach, we are a small family owned CRO. Daniel Ross, the CEO, owns and maintains the facility in which TransPharm operates, which allows for the lowest overhead you will find for a facility like ours. We are also located in a rural setting which also leads to a lower cost of doing business. All these savings are pushed directly to our many clients.

Do you work in other therapy areas?

No, TransPharm has only one focus. Our area of expertise is running Infectious Disease animal models. Most of our work is in the antibacterial field, but we also run viral, fungal and parasite models. Some of our models are cross therapeutic. The Cecal Ligation and Puncture (CLP) mouse model is a great example. The CLP model has been used for inflammation, cardiovascular and antibacterial research.

Will you work with our lab strain?

Yes, we will accept a lab strain you are working with. We will also order any ATCC strain of interest if we do not currently have it in our library. We will also send you any of our non-ATCC strains if you need to validate in vitro work in your lab.

Is it possible to visit during the study?

Yes, we love visitors. You are welcome to visit anytime and many of our clients have. We are roughly an hour West of Detroit Metro Airport and an hour South of the Lansing airport. We can also direct you to some local accommodations should you want to stay overnight.

Do you validate new models?

Yes, new models are always of interest. Different scenarios will determine how cost may be split with new model validations. One scenario is using a unique lab strain in one of our existing animal models. This cost would be on the client. If we are validating a new ATCC strain in one of our models, TransPharm typically covers the cost. Sometimes we are asked to develop a new animal model all together and these are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

How fast can we get this done?

We have the quickest turnaround time in the industry. Almost every study can be scheduled within a couple weeks, but larger or more complex studies may take slightly longer. The rate limiting factor for timing is typically the paperwork and the delivery of the material that is to be tested.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, all of our work is guaranteed. If you’ve worked with infectious pathogens, you know they don’t always perform as you hope. Most of our experiments run as expected, but for those that do not, we will repeat the study at no cost to the client. In this instance, we will even cover the cost to re-ship test materials to our lab. Repeat experiments would be run ASAP.

Are you AAALAC accredited?

Yes, our file number is 1301. TransPharm has been an accredited facility since 2009 and now ranks in the top 2% of all globally accredited facilities.

How soon can we get our results?

Preliminary results are typically sent via email within 48 hours upon completion of the study. Some larger studies may take slightly longer. Final reports with all statistical analysis are sent out roughly 2-4 weeks upon study completion.

Do you have data you can share?

Yes, we can certainly send you some data on our animal models. We customize every study we run and all of our models have multiple end points possible, depending upon the client’s needs. Additional information may be requested to ensure we are providing an accurate data set for your needs. We typically put a CDA in place to protect your interests prior to detailed discussions.