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TransPharm Preclinical Solutions in Napoleon Township Helping to Find Cure for Harmful Bacteria Affecting U.S. Hospitals

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NAPOLEON TOWNSHIP, MI – One of Jackson County’s first life sciences companies is working to help fight bacteria that are harming — and in some cases, killing — hospital patients across the country.

TransPharm Preclinical Solutions in Napoleon Township is currently doing research for a company that is trying to find a cure for Clostridium difficile, which can cause severe intestinal damage and diarrhea for hospital patients. No therapies are currently available to fight the strain of bacteria that the company is working with, TransPharm owner Dan Ross said.

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TransPharm Preclinical Solutions in Napoleon Township Named One of 2011’s ‘Michigan 50 Companies to Watch’ by State Business Association

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TransPharm Preclinical Solutions in Napoleon Township has been recognized as one of 2011’s “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” by the Cassopolis-based Edward Lowe Foundation.

TransPharm will be honored at an award ceremony during the seventh annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business event April 28 in Lansing.

President and CEO Dan Ross said the award is a great accomplishment for his company.

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TransPharm Preclinical Solutions – Jackson Pharma Contract Research Firm Thrives

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Dan Ross is another example of the pharmaceutical industry’s cutbacks spawning Michigan entrepreneurship — and another example of how the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center helps companies grow.

Ross, trained as a veterinary technician was a surgical technician at Wayne State University and later an associate scientist at Parke-Davis in Ann Arbor, staying through its transition to Pfizer Inc. ownership.

But when Pfizer announced in 2007 it was shutting down its Ann Arbor research operations, Ross was already thinking about striking out on his own.

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Rising from the Ashes of Pfizer: The Michigan Contract Research Organization Cluster

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Michigan suffered one heck of a body blow in January 2007. That’s when Pfizer, the world’s largest drugmaker, said it was shutting down its Ann Arbor, MI, research and development center, and eliminating 2,400 jobs.

That’s usually the end of the story, as hardly anybody keep tracks of what happens to a talented group of people like that as they scatter to the wind. But many of the people who honed their skills inside Pfizer and other big companies have found new entrepreneurial outlets to keep doing what they do best at a growing array of contract research organizations (CROs).

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Enterprise Group of Jackson / Daniel Ross, President & CEO

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I met the Enterprise Group for the first time three years ago on May 16th, 2007. At that time, I had an idea
for my new company, but no facility, money or the connectionsI needed to move forward. This week,
due to our success, TransPharm Preclinical Solutions was featured on ABC World News with Diane

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From Ashes of Recession, Small Businesses Boom

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For nearly 10 years, Dan Ross worked in the labs at Pfizer in Jackson, Mich. Then the recession hit, shutting down the plant and taking his job.

Determined to stay in tested Michigan, Ross started his own lab and hired his own team to test antibiotics before they land on the shelves of the pharmacy.

“I’ve had two days off this year,” Ross said. “We’ve already done more business in 2010 than we did in all of 2009.”

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Growing A Company In The Life Sciences Corridor

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ANN ARBOR – The life sciences industry doesn’t generally spring to mind when one thinks of Jackson, Michigan. Yet, the Jackson area is home to one of Michigan’s emerging biotechnology companies – a company that is poised for success.

TransPharm Preclinical Solutions is a contract research organization (CRO) that provides a complete array of studies in infectious disease animal models for the antibiotic discovery industry. TransPharm president and CEO, Dan Ross, proudly promotes his company as “being located in the heart of Michigan’s Biotechnology Corridor, mid-way between the life sciences hubs of Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo and just south of Michigan State University.”

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Transpharm of Napoleon Township Gets Full Accreditation

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Transpharm Preclinical Solutions has been awarded full accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care.

Fewer than 800 companies, universities, hospitals and government agencies in the world have earned this distinction, according to the group’s Web site.

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Businesses in Top 10 Still Going Strong

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Last year, the Citizen Patriot — with help from The Enterprise Group — selected 10 businesses it determined were thriving in Jackson County, despite the poor economy.

We brought you stories of a business doing high-tech research on the cars of tomorrow, a small firm growing exponentially in the field of energy-efficient lighting and a company that sends employees across the country to take radiographs and conduct integrity testing of gas pipelines.

Other businesses were selected because they were growing jobs and profits, diversifying into new sectors, building new facilities and additions, and investing in the community.

At the time, we said these companies could redefine Jackson’s reputation — and eventually its legacy.

What follows is an update on those 10 businesses one year later.

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State OKs $5 Million for Pfizer Talent Retention

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Twenty-two companies along the Interstate-94 corridor will share $5.05 million from a state program targeting retention of Pfizer Inc. assets and talent.

Low-interest loans of between $50,000 and $400,000 went to the companies following approval by the Michigan Strategic Fund board.

A $500,000 also goes to economic development groups Ann Arbor SPARK and Southwest Michigan First in Kalamazoo to bolster the Michigan Innovation Equipment Depot, created last year to distribute equipment donated by Pfizer to state companies.

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