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Spring 2014

A Note from the President At last, I’ve found a few moments to reconnect with our distribution list which is growing every month. TransPharm finished very strong in 2013, with our second best year on record. We’ve also picked up some new clients in the last few months and would like to welcome them to the TransPharm family. I’m also proud to say that we have continued to work with a few clients that have been with us since we opened. As the saying goes, “Working with us is CONTAGIOUS“……. Quickly, I would like to address a question a few of you have had about another large project in the works and how it relates to TransPharm and my goals going forward. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase a piece of history here in the Irish Hills area where I live. The facility is an original Henry Ford Village Industries site built in the late 1930s. The plot of land it sits on was the first parcel of land deeded in Brooklyn back in 1832. The plan for this facility is to turn it into an Irish themed destination called the Old Irish Mill. It will include a restaurant, pub, café, park, and Michigan’s largest indoor farmer market. We are very excited about this venture and know it will become one of the favorite tourist stops in the area. So what will happen to TransPharm? Am I leaving? Who is going to run the show? Rest assured, nothing will be changing around here anytime soon. My role in this new venture is simply the “idea and finance guy.” I’m currently involved with a lot of the interior demolition and spearheading the general contracting, but that is to get things going in the right direction. I don’t plan to have an active role in the new organizational chart once the facility is up and running. I will likely pass along the progress of this project as it moves forward. Daniel Ross President and CEO TransPharm named Business of the Year Dan Ross, owner of TransPharm Preclinical Solutions in Napoleon, was surprised when he learned his company was being named Business of the Year by the Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce....

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Fall 2012

A Note from the President It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but here we are again. Getting bundled up and trying to stay warm is never easy, but it is hard to beat the beauty of Michigan in the fall season. The photograph below was taken in early October just outside the TransPharm facility. We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by 15 acres of trees and a pond, and our Northern property line border is on Stoney Lake Creek. Visiting clients are always pleasantly surprised by our location and the country feel of our facility. One client, in particular, was taken aback by a flock of wild turkeys outside our lab window. I was told he doesn’t get to see that in France! It’s also not uncommon to see the occasional fox or deer strutting across the grounds. We truly do have a unique setting and would like to use this opportunity to invite you to come out and visit. I can’t guarantee that the wildlife will cooperate and offer you a glimpse, but I can promise that you will be impressed with our AAALAC accredited facility – inside and out. Daniel Ross President and CEO The Next Level During the holiday season, our TransPharm team has been busy brainstorming and researching the possibilities of taking our services to the next level…the next Biosafety Level that is. We’ve met with consultants and engineers concerning the best approach to upgrade our current, state-of-the-art facilities to a BSL 3 laboratory. This will provide our clients with even more infection models with which to screen their antimicrobials. Client inquiries into level 3 models have allowed us to formulate a list of top-priority model validations which include: tuberculosis, anthrax, brucellosis and rickettsial diseases. Of course, this would only be the beginning of potential models we could offer to our clients. If you have a request for early validation of a specific model, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Have a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to working with you in 2013. Dr. Santiago R. Lopez Director of Research Holiday Office Hours This is a reminder that the TransPharm offices and vivarium will be closed starting on...

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Summer 2012

A Note from the President I’m proud to start out this newsletter by announcing that as of July 20th, TransPharm Preclinical Solutions has once again received a recommendation for accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International. AAALAC accreditation is evaluated every three years. Programs constantly change, as do the regulations for the use of animals in research. AAALAC’s mission is to ensure that all of these changes are enforced and that the Program Description for our facility is accurate, complete, and in adherence. The continued success of our program is directly related to those individuals on our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). I would like to personally thank the following individuals: Libby Ziemke, IACUC administrator Marci Peek, Chair Dr. Megan Nowland, Attending Veterinarian and Alternate Chair Joanne Zammit, Scientist Dr. Santiago Lopez, Scientist Dan Wymer, Non-Scientist Dr. Jim Mobley, Alternate scientist Adhering to these global standards is what led to our success three years ago, and this continued recommendation for accreditation bodes well for our continued success. To learn more about AAALAC International please visit Towards our commitment to high-quality research, four individuals here at TransPharm have recently received certification through the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). AALAS offers nationwide board exams after certain criteria are met. I would like to congratulate: Heidi Richardson, ALAT level Marci Peek, LAT level Libby Ziemke, LATG level Lisa Lazaroff, LATG level To learn more about AALAS please visit Daniel Ross President and CEO Clostridium difficile murine model In an effort to provide our clients with the most robust and effective murine models of infection, TransPharm has adopted a new bacterial spore preparation for our C. difficile-associated disease model. This improved protocol has been thoroughly validated and rigorously compared to our previous procedure. It has surpassed TransPharm’s high standard of scientific excellence (Figures 1-3), much to the satisfaction of our valued clients with whom we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating. So, if your group is in the market for a murine model of C. difficile-associated disease (or any other infectious disease model), there’s no better time to talk with us! Don’t forget – PK studies are also available here at TransPharm. Dr. Santiago R. Lopez...

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Spring 2012

President’s Letter:

TransPharm has given me some wonderful opportunities over the last 4 years. Locally, we volunteer for Junior Achievement, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and donate to numerous charities that I wouldn’t have been able to do in the past.

At the state level, we were awarded as one of the Top 50 Companies to Watch in Michigan in 2011. I was invited to a business round table discussion and met with Jennifer Granholm, Michigan’s outgoing Governor. In the last two months, I was invited to Governor Rick Snyder’s residence in Lansing for the Moores River Drive Breakfast. Both events brought together many of the States business leaders and gave us a chance to meet with many of our States representatives and hear some of the new initiatives that are in the works for small business owners.

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Winter 2012

A Note From The President Let me be the last person to wish you a Happy New Year! 2011 proved to be a year full of challenges and rewards for us here at TransPharm. We have had many requests to run in vivo models of pathogens we have not yet validated. While it’s nearly impossible to have data in hand for all the possible requests we could receive, we are now fully committed to putting more resources into project validations. TransPharm has many new models that we plan to roll out in 2012 and Dr. Lopez will touch on a few of those below. Marci Peek, our Contract & Protocol Specialist, will also inform you of some news regarding our product, the Final Report. We closed the year with a 15% increase in revenue over 2010, making it our best year to date. This is one reason TransPharm will be making new commitments to our clients in 2012. Our pricing structure will remain untouched, new models will be rolled out, and we are instating a new Final Report Guarantee. These are just a few ways we are saying thank you for your business. Daniel Ross President and CEO TransPharm is Going Viral! The year 2012 promises many exciting projects for the Research and Development team here at TransPharm! One of these projects involves expanding our current models of infection to include viral models, namely Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) types 1 and 2. With the various clinical manifestations of this pathogen and its prevalence worldwide, we believe HSV is a logical entry point into the viral infection modeling realm. TransPharm is currently in the process of developing and validating both an in vitro model to detect early viral mRNA transcripts as well as an in vivo sepsis model of HSV infection. We have also laid the groundwork to explore the murine model of latency and reactivation of all herpes viruses. Another area of research we are excited about is the development of a mouse model for malaria infections (Plasmodium falciparum). As the world’s second biggest killer (just behind tuberculosis) and with relatively little research going into anti-malaria medications, TransPharm believes this model will aid in the search for cost-effective treatments...

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