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December 2014

A note from your President & CEO, Another year has gone by quickly and 2015 is right around the corner. This January marks our seven year anniversary. It is hard to believe that eight years has passed since Pfizer R & D closed its doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan. January 22nd, 2007 marks the announcement day that made all of us wonder what would happen after Pfizer. I was one of the lucky ones that had a plan shortly after the announcement and that plan was founding TransPharm Preclinical Solutions. We incorporated on April 13th 2007, started renovation to the lab in September of that year and opened our doors on January 2nd, 2008. Today we are considered a global leader for Infectious Disease research and have generated more than 6 million in revenue with over 60 clients around the world. TransPharm has never been stronger and we are eager to see what the future holds for us. During the Holidays, we are very thankful to do what we love and even more thankful to you for allowing us to do this important work. Dan Slight Increase in Pricing Starting in January, TransPharm will be increasing the cost of our studies due to increases in costs from some of our suppliers. We expect the increase to be 5% across the board for all studies, but this could vary depending on study design. Studies booked for January that are scheduled in December will remain at the current price structure. Holiday Schedule TransPharm will be closed this month starting around noon on December 24th and reopen on January 5th. All studies must end no later than the 24th with preliminary data following mid day. All mouse orders scheduled for January 5th must be placed before December 24th. No animals will be on site during this closure. Now is the time to get your studies scheduled for...

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June 2014

A note from your President & CEO, I would like to wish a happy summer to all of you. As we move into warmer weather, vacations and outdoor activities seem to fill our days and time to get things done seems to shorten. Towards that end, I will be brief with this newsletter and want to say that TransPharm has finally been awarded PHS registry with the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare. Briefly, this means that companies receiving grant funds from NIH are now allowed to spend those funds directly with TransPharm Preclinical Solutions. This is a huge milestone for us and I know it will open the doors to many of the smaller companies receiving grant funds. Please see the notice below and use our Assurance # A4707-01 for all future grant applications to the National Institute of Health. Dan As always, please feel free to contact us: Through our website, Our toll free INFECT line, 1-888-88-INFECT Or dial me direct, 1-517-536-8210 Check us out on Facebook Sincerely, Daniel Ross President & CEO TransPharm Preclinical Solutions,...

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March 2014

A note from your President & CEO, At last, I’ve found a few moments to reconnect with our distribution list which is growing every month. TransPharm finished very strong in 2013, recording our second best year. We’ve also picked up some new clients in the last few months and would like to welcome them to the TransPharm family. I’m very proud to say that we have continued to work with a few clients that have been here since we’ve opened. As the saying goes, “Working with us is Contagious”……. Quickly, I would like to address a single question a few of you have about another large project in the works and how it relates to TransPharm and my goals going forward. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to purchase a piece of history here in the Irish Hills area where I live. The facility is an original Henry Ford Village Industries site built in the late 1930’s. The plot of land it sits on was the first parcel of land deeded in Brooklyn back in 1832. The plan for this facility is to turn it into an Irish themed destination called the Old Irish Mill. It will include a restaurant, pub, café, a park and Michigan’s largest indoor farmer market. We are very excited about this venture and know it will become one of the favorite tourist stops in the area. So what will happen to TransPharm??? Am I leaving??? Who is going to run the show??? Rest assured, nothing will be changing around here any time soon. My role in this new venture is simply the idea and finance guy. I’m currently involved with a lot of the interior demolition and spearheading the general contracting, but that is to get things going in the right direction. I don’t plan to have an active role in the new organizational chart once the facility is up and running. I will likely pass along the progress on this project as it moves forward. Dan TransPharm named Business of the Year Dan Ross, owner of TransPharm Preclinical Solutions in Napoleon, was surprised when he learned his company was being named Business of the Year by the Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of...

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